What is :::: LYQUOA

Connections are made stronger over drinks than over coffee.

New in the city, looking to hang out with friends over drinks, getting together with business associates to build stronger connections, or just like to enjoy nightlife in the city in the company of friendly crowd?

LYQUOA helps you discover buzzing spots with the aura you desire for your evenings; and connects you with like-minded individuals at those spots to make your evenings and experiences memorable.

With LYQUOA, locate nearest and happening pubs, clubs, bars, and nightclubs based on your preferences, type of bars, crowd, pricing, and host of other aspects to select a perfect place for your evening.

Why :::: LYQUOA

Indulge in Happiness.

Happiness is when your life fulfills your needs. And one of the those needs is the connections and rewarding relations with other human beings.

Having fun at a party, the excitement of new experiences, or the delights of a fine meal - these all are wonderful experiences to be cherished and cultivated, however, these experiences are the definition of pleasure.

Chasing pleasure is not happiness. Enjoying pleasurable evenings in the company of like-minded individuals and building connections is.

Seeking joy in the company of friendly individuals not only enhance the degree of pleasure, but also leads to fulfilment of our need of social connections.

As a social species, connection with other humans are at the foundation of what it means to be human.

Happiness comes when we feel satisfied and fulfilled. And when we have fulfilling and rewarding connections with other humans, we have the feeling of contentment.

LYQUOA brings to you a platform where you not only delve into memorable experiences, but also connect with other like-minded individuals and develop long-term friendships.

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