What is :::: LYQUOA

Connections are made stronger over drinks than over coffee.

New in the city, looking to hang out with friends over drinks, getting together with business associates to build stronger connections, or just like to enjoy nightlife in the city in the company of friendly crowd?

LYQUOA helps you discover buzzing spots with the aura you desire for your evenings, and connects you with like-minded individuals at those spots to make your experiences memorable. Read More...

Your Data :::: We Don't Pry On It

We do not store data without your permission

LYQUOA App by default is designed to capture and store various types of data based on the usage of the App. However, you are free to turn-off the data storing.

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Your Preferences Data is stored only on your device

Your preferences Data is what used most in providing you with personal recommendations. Good thing is that Preferences Data always resides on your device.

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You are in complete control of your data

Not only you can stop LYQUOA Mobile App from capturing the data, you can also delete the previously stored device data as well as server data anytime.

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